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In past days the glory of God was manifested in an extraordinary way in the beautiful nation of Venezuela, the Jose Maria Stadium was filled with souls thirsty for the presence of the Holy Spirit, telling yes to Jesus and receiving miracles that happened that night,...

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Amazing ,how the Spirit of God is spilling over Latin America, in a new generation, in those simple hearts open to his Spirit.Recently the ministry of the Holy Spirit visited Matagalpa, and many were witnesses of the signs that heaven is pouring on his people in this...

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Joe Ferreyra and part of his Global Ministerial team recently were conducting an evangelistic tour through different cities of the beloved Mexican country.Once again, the Spirit of God has confirmed his love and passion for the human being, thus preaching the full...

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The oil of the Spirit of God continues to flow in every nation of the world, we continue to pray that many Peruvian cities continue to be reached by the love of Christ! Tingo Maria, Juliaca, Lima, Trujillo were some of the cities that have already received the...

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Massive Crusades:

Travelling every corner of the planet bringing the church of Jesus Christ to the unit. Organizing mass crusades of miracles and healing in the power of the Holy Spirit, reaching the lost to the presence of God and the new life that Jesus gave us.

Our Mission:

With its offerings every month helps us fulfill the mission to travel non-stop 12 months of the year with the unique approach and to preach the Word of God, and thus ignite hearts in the Spirit of God , heal, deliver and restore cities and nations for Christ .





Fire of God in Latin America

Joe Ferreyra was ministering in latin america by diferents countries.Especially in Colombia, one of them. tHE CROWDS were in the event so early, with big hungry and thirst of the Holy Spirit. The Presence of the holy spirit was so palpable that the people just...

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Amazing glory of God in Holland

The dutch people, in this ocation were ministered in the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT of God, seeing amazing miracles the last month.GOD is opering in such and extraordinary way in the whole world, BUT SPECIALLY is lifting a new army his, in the European Union. We...

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Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

En los pasados meses estas 5 preciosas Naciones recibieron la visita de Joe Ferreyra y parte de su equipo celebrando diferentes servicios, reuniones y cruzadas del Espíritu Santo con las iglesias locales unidas donde como habitualmente los congregados recibieron...

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AMAZING AND AWESOME to see many hispanic people receive of God in Ginebra SWITZERLAND. Joe Ferreyra Visited and ministered with the power of the Holy spirit IN THE CIY OF GINEBRA SWITZERLAND and other litte towns.where was manifest the power and Love of the holy...

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Phoenix Arizona and New Mexico recieve one touch of God

Very much hispanic and americans recieved with happiness to Joe Ferreyra in United States, some of the recents were: Arizona and New Mexico.Is incredible to see how the same anointhing and grace of God is manifest beyond the cultures and differences. God is the same...

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The Japanese also received to Joe ferreyra, Was a time undescriptible in the presence of the Holy Spirit Miracles, signs, and wonders, happened in the building of the church in shinshiro japan, ministers were blessedand several miracles happened in those days.we keep...

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Fire in Australia

Joe Ferreyra did preach in Australia, in the cities of: Sidney, perth, camberra and Gold coast.Was a quick visit but full of revival of the Holy Spirit for Australian Hearts. God is calling us to an intimacy with him dailyfor we spread more of his presence in our...

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Canada also was ministered

In the last months, Joe Ferreyra arrived to Toronto Canada, for ministry in some congregations of the area, SERVICES of healing were celebrated and ministration of the Holy Spirit as well , where the people of Canada and hispanic recieved miracles of healing and one...

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